It's our life and Thai farmer's life. We grow them, see them grow, take care of them, nurture them, handle them with love and passion. We put our heart in whatever we do with coconut.

ALL COCO is the brainchild of the coconuts enthusiasts who has founded K Fresh company producing and distributing fresh NAM HOM coconuts since August 4, 2004. With their love and passion for coconuts, K Fresh's produce is so unique not only it is Thai coconut breed but it is also grown and nurtured by an experienced farmers on Thailand's rich alluvial soil. With advanced agri-technology, K Fresh's fresh coconuts have reached 20 million coconuts sold per year, exported to over 30 countries around the world i.e. USA Canada Russia UK Australia New Zealand and others.

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K Fresh has stepped further in adding value to fresh coconut by creating product based on NAM HOM coconut water. Its produce has been very popular locally and abroad. That sets our goal to bring creative products from NAM HOM coconuts to the global market and ALL COCO is established for such commitment.

ALL COCO has come so far from the beginning. Our love & passion for coconut, the care and effort we put into our coconut has paid off. Our commitment to bringing Thai homegrown products to the world remains strong as ever. To us, the value of our success is priceless because it's our pride sharing with all Thais.

It's our mission to deliver the best quality and safe product with reasonable price for consumers. Our company culture is also based on integrity in the operation and managing the corporation also in doing business with our supply chain.

Handling coconut from growing nurturing cutting crops to selecting coconuts is an art. Hands do all the process and heart directs it. We treat our coconut handler as an artist who manicure a coconut in every detail and make every coconut a masterpiece.

We always let our imagination flow to create a unique way to enjoy coconuts. Our business is lubricated with such creativity.

Our farmers are treated fairly in trading with us, their community and environment are taken care of. Our people are paid fairly with complete welfare package so they can have the healthy and quality life. They are happy people who live and breathe coconut (or it seems close). They are always be trained and developed on the knowledge of coconut business.

Our coconut is true Thai local breed famous for its taste and quality worldwide. Our selection is from Thailand's best plantation where the soil is rich and the experienced farmers take care of them all through the growing period. Every plantation is under restricted control on pest with the natural course to reduce chemical usage. The arrangement for the plantation follows the rule according to global organic standard and global G.A.P. Every coconut is harvested at the peak period when it produces the best taste.