NAM HOM (literally means aromatic water) coconut is a good son (or daughter) of Thailand, our motherland. Her river delta has collected all minerals from upstream to feed her child and let it be nurtured by the tropical sun and rain. By birth NAM HOM coconut from 4 provinces in Thailand (where ALL COCO is from) is a jewel, THE WORLD'S BEST BREED.

Coconut is such a gift of god to us it's packed with numerous nutrients, vitamins and phytonutrients. Medically coconut water is considered pure it can cure and detox all toxic and polluted substances. It's also an elixir of life keep your complexion youthful and fresh.

Thai NAM HOM coconut breed is treated as our national asset; this homegrown breed is one of a kind different from the fragrant coconut from other parts of the world. ALL COCO NAM HOM are from Thailand's best plantation Nakorn Pathom, Ratchaburi, Samut Sakorn and Samut Songkram.

Its naturally sweet aromatic water, its tender jelly-like flesh, and its wholesome nutrients are so outstanding with a quality of its own. You can tell it's Thai NAM HOM from its pleated bottom of a coconut or if you have a chance to smell its tree you will see that Thai NAM HOM tree, in a dwarf form, delivers its aroma from leaves to roots.

At ALL COCO, we call our manufacturing process an art and it's not over exaggerating. The way we tender our NAM HOM at the farm from growing, nurturing and taking care of them in a strictly organic method calls for caring growers. The way we harvest at the right time and the way we cut coconut into a beautiful and handy shape also call for a craftsman who's passionate about coconut. The way we manufacture it into the coconut products calls for a caring specialist in the plant.

Our NAM HOM coconut water is processed under high-pressure technology to kill any kind of bacteria not using heat. ALL COCO NAM HOM tastes so true to its nature 100% pure and fresh. With high-pressure technology, all coconut’s goodness is preserved as original and NAM HOM can keep its freshness longer.

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Our NAM HOM water is light, transparent water when it comes straight from the crack-opened coconut. Bottling it for a while the color might change into light pink, it's natural that way, nothing changes: its nutrients, and taste are always great as it is. So, drink pink signifies you drink naturally.