Date: 30/11/15

Biological Control Program

All Coco and K Fresh have established the “Biological Control Program” for sustainability of Namhom coconut plantations . The basic principal is the reduction of coconut pest populations by natural enemies, so the “good insects” have been producing and releasing in order to kill “bad insects”. We use natural enemies of insect pests instead of using insecticides. There are several methods have been selected for appropriate insect species.

1) Colonization of Bracon hebetor use for attacking the Black-headed caterpillar coconut; the serious coconut pests damage of growing leafs.

2) Pheromone trapped method for get rid of the Rhinoceros beetles because they damage coconut tree by injure the young, growing tissues and cut through the developing leaves. It leads to 10-15% loss in yield.

3) Sting-less bee for pollination and natural diversity.