Coconut Easy Tools

Enjoying coconut is so easy

Handling coconut is an art we practice with our passion for coconut. Our expertise makes it easy for us to design a handy tool to crack a coconut, an easy tool for all coconut lovers out there.

Just punch and enjoy coconut water in one step
  1. Stick the coconut puncher into the coconut.
  2. Rotate and press the coconut puncher right and left while firmly pushing into the coconut or use a hammer hit onto the coconut opener arm.
  3. The tool will cut through the coconut, then pull it out.
  4. Use the tip of the cap push the coconut debris out by inserting into the slit.
  5. Clean the opener after use and cap it back.

Improper use may result in injury. Please use in the appropriate manner.

Crack the tip open easily to enjoy coconut water and flesh
  1. Insert the coconut knife into the coconut in any area surrounding the tip.
  2. By using a hammer to hit the coconut-opener button,
  3. The knife will cut through the coconut. Then withdraw it.
  4. Move to the second, third and forth areas as shown, and repeat the process. The four scars will connect forming a four-sided plug.
  5. Use the tip of the knife to remove the lid, thereby exposing the opening.